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Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to Convert Your Travel Habit into a Steady Flow of Income

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How to convert travel habit into steady flow of income? Hmnn… sounds impossible? Not at all… Imagine one day, you wake up in the morning in a hotel room in one of the places that you love to visit, as you check your Gmail inbox, you are astounded by what you have just seen.

It says “You’ve Got a Commission of $6,000.” Every month you are receiving that amount in your PayPal account while traveling in all beautiful beaches around the world. Enjoying life with your family and love ones and absolutely doing nothing, only to enjoy life.

If you are a frequent traveler, your chance of becoming what you have just imagined is so high. If you loved to stay in many beautiful places all around the world, if you have traveled into many international destinations, you must be spending a lot of money for your flights and hotels.

You cannot just empty your pocket all the time or even your mom’s bank account. But if you are that really rich, well, expenses might not be an issue. But what if instead of spending money during travel, you are making a lot of money from it? Sounds great? Yes of course but how?

Make Money by Telling People Where to Book a Flight

One of the ways to convert your travel habit into a steady flow of income is to earn money by telling people where to book a flight. Helping people is the most profitable thing a man can do. By giving value to others in the field of travel and tours, anyone can make money out of it.

The thing is, if you are a frequent traveler, you must at least know some of the best travel sites or airlines that offer cheapest international flights. You may be aware about some strategies how to book cheapest flights online or when  is the best time to buy cheapest flights or anything like that. If you can give a piece of advice to help people to the same, you could be making a lot of money.

Travel niche in the world of Internet Marketing is highly lucrative. This makes a lot of travel sites and blogs to earn a lot of money. This is due to the fact that for every flight sold, the price is more than doubled the price of a donuts. I mean, for every airline ticket sold, it cost a lot on the part of the passenger, unlike taxi and local cabs.

Another thing is, when someone searches for flight online, unarguably, she or he must be having an interest to buy a plane ticket sooner or later. If not him or her, at least one of his friends or relatives should do. What does it imply?

It means that, when someone needs to travel by plane, there is no way to say not to. It can’t be done by any means unless if the flight is canceled or rescheduled. Thus, making air travel as the most in demand niche in the market, in which people are paying huge amount.

To make money by telling people where to book the cheapest flights for domestic and international destination, a little skills and knowledge about making simple blog might be necessary. This is just to have an online presence where you can put all the details of what you are going to share. 

That is not actually a problem, because anything in this world can be learned. YouTube is the best place to hang out if you want to know anything online, especially when you want something like tutorial thing. If you go to YouTube and search for “how to create blog using wordpress” then you are ready to go and have your first blog and make money.

Below is a video on how to create a blog using WordPress platform, this is a  quick and step by step procedure that a newbie really needs. But, I would suggest for beginners to use Blogger platform because it is free and easy to customize. You can just type in YouTube the keyword " how to create a blogger blog."

The idea here is to become an affiliate partner of some travel sites and airline companies. Being an affiliate, all you have to do is to tell people about a travel site that you are affiliated with. For every purchase made, without your personal intervention, you will be paid.  That’s exactly how it works.

To know more about affiliate marketing by blogging, you can also find a lot of information for free in Google and YouTube.

Make Money by Telling People Where to Book a Hotel

With the understanding about affiliate marketing, you can now also make money by telling people where to book a hotel. This is obviously similar to the idea presented above that tells you how to convert your travel habit into a steady flow of income. 

Most of the travel websites incorporate both hotel search and flight search in their search tool. This is due to the fact that if anyone purchases a cheap ticket flights, he must be probably booking a hotel too.  Along with this are car rental services, escorts or tour guide and other travel services.

Make Money by Writing an e-Book

If you have wonderful experiences in your past travels that you think many people may also need to know, you can certainly make huge amount of money by writing your own story. Writing your own story does not need to become professional writer. Just be yourself and express everything that you want to express.

Provided that you have something in your story that can ignite the soul and touch the heart of your readers, then you are ready to go. You can then publish your book in and other online stores. You can even sell it in your own blog. You can also use it as giveaways for people to book a flight or hotel through your blog that you are affiliated with if you want.

turn your travel habit into cash
One of the ideas being taught to make money online in whatever niche is to be a giver of something valuable first before expecting to make money. It means, if you have a blog, be sure that you have something for free for your visitors. Writing an inspirational story or anything valuable in relation to travel is always the best.

There are still lots of ways how to convert your travel habit into a steady flow of income that I have not mentioned here. But the idea about affiliate marketing is fundamental among all. There are many travel sites that invites new affiliate partners that you can register for free. Anytime of the day you can promote their travel site and make money.

To start making money by becoming an affiliate, just follow the link at the footer of this blog that says "be a travel affiliate partner and make huge money."

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